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I'm not new to reiki, chakra balancing or meditation with multiple spiritual teachers. So from my personal experiences, I believe Patti is a truly gifted healer! She lifted my spirits, strengthened me physically & enhanced me mentally. There's no doubt you'll walk away a new better you with each session!


Amazing ✨


Very calming and personable bedside manner. I arrived distraught and left feeling hopeful.


I'm a bit late providing this review 

but I must. When I say I appreciate my experience and the welcoming, 

the healing I am forever grateful. 

I was in a bit of state confusion

and I was given clarity, gems. 

and healing that has put me back on track. Mind, body, and spirit 

very thankful :-)


My first experience but definitely not my last!! A great experience!!


She’s always so sweet, patient, and personable. Her advice is always on point and

 I really appreciate that she offers different ideas to help problem solve. So easy to talk to & has a very welcoming environment.


Pattis was fantastic and a real treasure. 

She is genuinely concerned about her clients. So relaxing and balancing.


One of the best experiences of my life.

 Patti is an amazing healer who has helped me in many ways. I highly recommend.


Such an amazing experience. Patti is extremely professional and attentive. I would definitely recommend this business to anyone seeking a healing.


The Reiki Session was amazing, I really enjoyed it. I left out feeling like a different person less stress less worries and energized. I will recommend her service. 

I cannot wait to return.


So warm and inviting. She’s able to build rapport and gets you open up pretty quick! I’m glad I decided to explore reiki and even more glad to have had my first experience here!

I definitely left feeling like a load had been lifted.


Powerful energy healer, spiritual, intuitive light worker. She was amazing at healing me get to the root of why I was seeking services and quickly guided me into a etheric healing experience!!! Will be back .


I had a wonderful experience with Patti - she was incredibly kind, caring and perceptive. I was taken back by the time she took to talk to me about what has been going on in my life. I thought it would be kind of like getting a massage without being touched, but my experience was so much more. Deeply personal and some really magical moments for me. I’m looking forward to going back

AlCourtney Smith

Thank you Patti, I really enjoyed the session. I literally had a mental breakdown earlier this week and I literally asked for God/spirit/universe to place someone in my life to help me , because I feel like I am drowning and here you are a true blessing..I thank you again because I definitely felt your energy and you are passionate about your gifts and are you using them to help others which is know can be alot sometimes with others energies. You are appreciated 💛 based on what we discussed today.. I will definitely be back soon. 💞💞

Noelle Turner

Patti is so insightful and such a positive spirit. My session with her gave me a relaxed, calm, and and peaceful outlook. I would definitely recommend her services!


Patti was extremely helpful in this step of my healing!! She listened and was able to guide me in making decisions I had been struggling with ! Would recommend her for any services!

Claire Balite

It was a good experience! She was very kind and helpful. I feel like she answered all of my questions and gave me some good advice. I felt like a brand new person after just one session. I would recommend going to see her! ❤️❤️

Anthony Crawford

I could feel the calm as soon as I walked in the door. Nora was very knowledgeable and kind. This was my first time doing this and it was more than I expected. I will be coming back!


I am not a religiously devout person, at least I did not believe that I was until Patti touched my mind and spirit, and until she deepened my understanding. She taught me that our path in life is our religious course, and that perfection is achieved when we allow our minds to become at one with our spirit, and when we allow both to become at one with the spirit of the Natural and Higher aspect of the world around us. I was in awe as I was taken somewhere else by both her words and her energy. For me, she is my Bible and my Qur’an. She is wisdom. And she is the Moon, giving light upon the earth around us in the dark moments of our lives, just as the moon gives light upon the earth in the dark moments of night. There is truly something special about her. I’m almost afraid of her, yet I must see her again because I trust where she intends to lead me. Thank you, Patti

-Hannah R.

The best healing experience I have ever had. I feel so light and relieved. I will definitely be coming back!!

 Patti is the best.

L Walker

My experience was very pleasant and soothing, my goals for the sessions was met, the environment was very clean and comfortable, practitioner was very professional informative with the service she  provides & had a warming spirit. Will be going back as well referring people to her treatments are very helpful.

Maria Quezada

She is great! I felt great after the first time!


First time experience with Rieki and it was definitely a positive experience. Patti was so easy to talk to and made me very comfortable, very quickly. Absolutely wonderful experience.

Ericka Kulzer-Gillette

Patti makes sure you know exactly what to expect and unveils which areas you need the most healing. I can say that I left the clinic today feeling optimistic about my future, which I haven't felt in YEARS. Thank you Patti, you have a gift.


Days after my reiki healing I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences I’ve had!! My heart and root chakras were REALLY blocked, after I left I have felt 100% better and a whole new outlook on life. Patti is the real deal, I WILL be going back! Thank you Patti!



the session was pleasant. i certainly recommend it to others who need to relax, or find some sort of calm. Patti was patient and clear about the process. I plan to return soon


I don’t know what to say. I just know that I am speechless. I feel as though I have been resurrected. If you are on a spiritual journey. I highly recommend. My life has been changed. 😍😍😍😍


Words cannot express how transformative this reiki session was. Patti is truly gifted healer. She is very kind and compassionate.

I will definitely be back!


Patti is amazing! My first Reiki session was awesome, I feel better, lighter, free. I will be coming back!


Very empowering and powerful person to work with. I felt lighter and my situation was diffused effectively.


I have never had a more freeing and life-giving experience. From the first moment we spoke on the phone I felt relief. She was kind, patient, understanding and really took the time to evaluate and access my needs. I will be sending everyone I know to her and if you’re hesitant, don’t be! Book your appointment today.


This was a great experience. I have experienced Reiki healing and Chakra balancing before and understood the benefits. This visit was no different in the she is truly a gifted Reiki healer. I look forward to my future sessions with Ms. Patti to keep balanced, relaxed, consistently evolving into my best self!

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